book trailers

scripting // ideation

Finished the book and don't feel like writing this too?

Let our experienced team of scriptwriters (and book enthusiasts!) build you a storyboard and concept that will capture your audience and leave them wanting more.

(This service is optional, you can BYOS - Bring Your Own Script)

Animation // production

It's time to bring it all together.

From here, our animators and designers will get to work crafting your video either from scratch or using the assets you provide. At this time any voiceovers will also be integrated. Standard videos have a runtime of up to 2 minutes and also include 2 revisions in all packages.  Please enquire if you anticipate additional requirements; we're happy to work with you :)

Editing // post-production

Got raw footage that needs transformation?

Whether you've got a bunch of raw footage that needs to be put together or a video that needs a little 'help' to be its best, we've got the tools and skills to provide it. Included in all trailer production packages.

Why do you need a book trailer?

Video is the most effective digital medium when it comes to marketing and advertising. Even though book readers are more likely to read a text telling them what makes your book better than the others, it's hard to stand out against the videos that other brands and industries are implementing at every turn.

Some places where you can utilize a book trailer include:

  • Publicity pitches 

  • Social media

  • Blogs 

  • Publishers 

  • Online marketplaces 

  • Digital portfolio 

  • Conventions 

  • Email and newsletters 

And with packages starting at just $500 with 48-hour turnaround, the time has never been better to jumpstart your marketing and publicity efforts. 

our services include:

*Packages start at $500

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