• Chara Celik

1 Minute Videos are the Future of Video Content

Although we work on video content projects of all sizes and from all industries, we believe 1 Minute Videos are the future of many forms of video content. You could be a big brand announcing the new discount on the price of avocados through video advertisement, or you could be a local bar announcing your new happy hour on social media to your followers and fellow locals, 1 minute videos are the best way to keep your audience watching through your whole message.

Of course audiences have been getting more selective as they are blasted with unlimited amounts of content from every possible medium. This is where the need for a creative marketing team comes in, this is where we come in. We research our clients business, product or idea. We evaluate the previous content that has been created with similar aims. Only after this step, our creatives start to brainstorm about how to present this story to the specific audience using digital marketing and social media tools.

Then our team of professional writers go to work and create / write the best possible script for the video. Did you know that we have only 8 seconds of attention from our audiences before they go on to the next content? Knowing your demographics well and creating the video accordingly, and grabbing their attention in under 8 seconds is a form of art. A form of art which our team of creatives are masters at.

After the initial 8 seconds, we take the rest of the 52 seconds to get the message across and do our magic. Whatever our clients demand from us, we adjust our marketing strategy accordingly and deliver great results. Most of our clients see at least 500% increase in traffic only after couple months of working with our team to constantly create high quality, result-driven content.

We like focusing on creating shorter than 1 Minute videos because this is the length that best works across all mediums. Your audience could be on YouTube or Instagram, if you produce 1 minute videos, you can connect with your audience all across digital mediums.

Contact us today to ask how producing short videos for your brand could drive sales.