• Francesca Ling

3 Myths About Book Trailers: Debunked

Book sales may be on the rise worldwide, but that just means that the competition for readers is heating up.

So, how can savvy authors, publicists, and other literary pros stand out and be remembered amongst the chaos?

With a little help from book trailers. But first, what exactly is a book trailer? Well, it's an introduction to your book that will help potential readers to get an understanding of what your book is about... Without giving away the plot. It should intrigue them to want to keep reading and find your book, not give it away from the start.

However, as useful as book trailers are, there are a few common myths that are associated with them. Today we're going to take a close look at these myths and also debunk them.

Myth 1: Book trailers are excessive or unnecessary

It's easy to believe that a book trailer won't help your book to get more sales. After all, book readers like to read, right?

Not true. And besides, if you take a look over to the neighboring marketing and advertising industries, video is it. Really. By 2020, it is predicted that video traffic make up 82% of consumer web traffic (source). So what that means for you is that if you're not using video to better market your book, your missing out on what is becoming arguably the #1 medium. And the agencies agree.

Don't believe me? Imagine two scenarios. One where a video introduction is created and another with a paragraph. Now imagine each of these versions in a Facebook feed against an endless stream of animations, video, music, and interactive posts.

You know which one is going to capture the most attention.

Myth 2: Book trailers are difficult and expensive to make

Luckily, this is becoming increasingly less truthful every day. There are a number of free online tools for authors with the desire and time, but many times the effort necessary to learn the software makes it a far from fun or easy task.

And besides, all video is expensive, so why not book trailers too?

Well, we can't speak for the other guys, but as book lovers ourselves, we want high quality trailers to be accessible for budding authors on a budget, so we have packages starting as low as $500.

Oh and did we mention that your book trailer is an evergreen asset? So you can use it and reuse it in a wide range of places to get the most from your assessment.

Myth 3: Only major authors with publicists and best seller lists need book trailers.

No! While they can most certainly benefit from having a book trailer, they are definitely not the only ones!

Whether its your first book, or your fifth time on the NYT best seller list, chances are you want more people to read your book. And since you can use your book trailer in:

  • Publicity pitches 

  • Social media

  • Blogs 

  • Pitching to publishers 

  • Online marketplaces 

  • Digital portfolio 

  • Conventions 

  • Email and newsletters 

There's no end in how your book trailer can help to take your writing career to the next level.

PS: It's also a GREAT way to appease your loving family members who are always looking for more info on your work and things that they can share proudly.

SO that's all we've got for you today. Have other myths about book trailers you need debunked? Tell us about them in the comments below. Want to get started with your own book trailer? Feel free to write to me directly at Francesca@celikcreative.com

PPS: If you're a publicist or agency and want to work with us for book trailer creation, we are currently accepting a limited number of new partners. Write to me at the address above for more info! :)