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5 Tips for Working With a Video Production Company

You know that online video content is an essential part of digital marketing strategy. However, as an increasing number of brands, personalities and companies want video, many marketers don’t know where to start.

Even for savvy marketers, it isn’t easy to seek out a video production company that’s exactly right for your brand, and if you haven’t worked with a third-party on video production before you might be wondering what it will be like...

So, here are some things to consider when you’re ready to make a video:

1. What is the Purpose of Your Video?

Here is the most important and the first question you need to answer before you get on with your vide production project; "Why are you making the video? What is the intended result?"

A clear answer to this question is a great place to start when sitting down with creatives. This way they will have a clear understanding of the vision and will create the best strategy in order to achieve the desired outcome. Are you looking to introduce a new product or announce a rebrand? Showcase your brand personality? Engage your community in a fresh way? Get engagement from you 10.000 employees by creating a video holiday message from the CEO?

Know your reason for making a video and what you want it to actually make your audience do before you even begin throwing out ideas to ensure all parties involved are strategically aligning concept with the overall purpose. The best part of determining “why” first, is that you can always realign if you lose your way in the process.

2. Finding the Right Production Partner

Now that you know why you’re making your video, teaming up with the right video production company can  help you launch your video off the ground and create that video your company needs to drive results, whatever the aim may be.

Nano technology has shrunk the size of movie making gear, and, put all of it in all of our pockets. You don't even need the latest iPhone X in order to film and produce a full length feature film. This ability sometimes confuses video production clients and they don't exactly understand what they should look for in a right video production partner.

Most important factor when it comes to picking out the right video production partner is reliability. You need to be able to trust that your producer will come through and materialize your vision almost perfectly and most of the time add some creativity spicing in the recipe.

3. Share Your Vision with your Video Production Partner

Once you’ve identified the right production partner for your video project, it’s important to state why you’re making this video and if you have decided on them, clearly state the results which you are looking to achieve. If you can get the production company or agency excited about your project it will help get the creative juices flowing!

It’s also a great idea to have some do’s and don’ts in mind. This will kick off the conversation with your video production partner. For example, maybe you know you want to use animations to explain your business and want to use a slow but happy soundtrack, but aren’t sure of the best way to go about it. Or, perhaps you are eager to create an advertisement 1 Minute Video, but could use some insight on how to make it different and noteworthy.

4. Think Outside the Box Video

Consider how you’re planning to share your video with your audiences. How can you leverage a production team to amp up your video’s life on social? Perhaps they can cut a quick Instagram video to ensure you’re effectively using multiple platforms, or pull some behind-the-scenes stills to share across your social channels to supplement existing content (thus giving your content a longer shelf life).

Brainstorm with your production and marketing team about how extra content might make a difference in traffic and sales.

A clear distribution strategy for the video, before the video is even produced is essential. Your video production partner will know how to make your videos feel at home whether it's Youtube, Facebook Videos, Instagram, Instagram Stories or any other medium really...

5. Understand your Budget

The question of budget is usually the second question you’ll be asked after “when is it the project due?” It’s crucial to know how much you what to/can spend on a video production. This will allow your video production team to show you what a project within your budget could look like.

Be sure to think about video production as a separate item cost when you are planning for brand marketing. Don't forget that you will get the best out of your video when it is paired with the right and up to date marketing strategies like boosting videos to, right audiences, at right times, on the right digital mediums.

Don't know where to start?

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