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Book Promotional Videos are the Future of Book Marketing

Updated: May 18, 2018

In 2018; consumers want to see videos. Even if it is a book you want to announce or tell populations about, video content is the way to do it.

We were approached by 2 greatly talented writers to create book promotional videos for them. First one was for Fishing for Elephants by Larry Moore and the second and most recent one was for Tate Drawdy by Michael Luden.

Recent Book Promotional Video by Celik Creative:

It was a pleasure working on these projects and hearing about the positive returns from our clients.

It is always our aim to get a "Great Job!" from our clients before anything else when working on projects!

Another positive aspect of working with other creative people on cool projects like these often return in quality friendships, and sometimes, some quality gifts that changes your perspective for a lifetime! Thank you for the signed copy of your book Larry! 🙏

Your book is amazing and Celik Creative team is so glad to see it is doing so well, like it deserves to! 🎉

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