• Chara Celik

Creating a Succesful Video Advertisement Campaign for Fashion Brands

It is the age of online shopping and branding. Most of the population don't even look up to billboards or TV screens, but they choose to keep most of their attention buried in their mobile screens. Brands still have big budgets set out to be spent on old fashioned marketing strategies like sponsored TV placements, huge billboard ad campaigns etc. But the shift is clear, more brand recognize their need to be constantly creating video content. It's 2018 and online presence and community is more important than any other marketing tactics...

Video content is the fastest way to grab viewers, consumers and audiences attention, and get engagement from them. It is a reality that most ad campaigns fail and this is exactly where new age, creative, digital marketing teams come in to play.

Check out the below video ad production Pensacola Productions created for a London based Online Fashion Brand, Asos:

After this succesful video advertisement campaign, ASOS saw the value in video content creation and the brand constantly produces new campaigns. Some of their video projects have been going viral with incredible conversion rates as you can probably guess =)

This video they created only 4 months ago, already got a whopping 6.5 million views!

Contact us to talk about how your brands video content campaign could look like and what results we could get from even single video advertisement campaign production.


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