• Chara Celik

Instagram Video Advertisement is the Star of the Marketing Show in 2018

On Instagram, there is a 1-minute limit to videos. This is exactly why you have to get creative with telling your story on Instagram. Audience/consumers want videos to be able to connect to the product or service on a more personal level.

On the other hand, there are so much video content being uploaded to the internet consistently, that, viewers attention spans have shortened drastically. In 2018, marketers who are on top of their game figured out that it's not so much about the story anymore, but more about how you tell it. You could have an incredible story, but a video done wrong could lead to 'swipe aways' from the content in the first couple seconds...

This is where professional video production companies full of creative people come in. A team of creatives could help brands have a different perspective and help tell the story to the right audiences.

At Celik Creative we first take some time to research our clients past marketing campaigns, the brand 'feeling', their target audience and more... Then we set up a consultation session with our client to understand their vision better and offer our spices here and there, about how we could get more conversion, and/or engagement from the target audience.

Then we go to kitchen and get to work on scripting, being creative, getting our production team all ready and scheduled to shoot our video. After we go over all points with our client, we execute the video production and create a video that tells more story in a shorter time and aims for results.

Contact Us today to talk to us and understand how we could add value to your brands marketing efforts.


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