• Francesca Ling

Reality vs Productivity

Sometimes life happens faster than we’re able to respond. Whether it’s work, personal, or some combination of the two, things have an interesting way of following their own plans - no matter the thoroughness of our efforts in planning and organization.

However, the reality of these moments (both good and bad), is that our responsibilities aren’t suddenly on hold.

I recently moved to another country while starting a small business and learned a few things along the way.


It can be difficult to get important professional tasks done while you’re also trying to:

  1. Clean out/pack an apartment

  2. Finish end of quarter taxes

  3. Sleep a reasonable amount of hours

Whatever it is that is a full time job on top of your job can make staying focused a hassle. Always schedule your day out the night before. This will give you a sense of calm when you need to sleep and allow you to immediately attack the day when you begin. Write everything down (in multiple places if need be) and remember to take breaks at reasonable amounts of time. The oldest prescriptions for staying focused and getting it done are simple and effective: prioritize your tasks and commitments, get up early, and get it done.


Whether you’re in a job you hate and are just waiting to get it done, or are in the process of moving to another country and are trying to manage too many things, burnout is real and it can be serious.

Practically speaking, there are a few small things that you can do that will make your life a bit better (if easier isn’t an option):

  • Find a coffee you like. And whatever your preferred way to dress it is. Buy a lot.

  • Fresh flowers help too (bonus: most places deliver)

  • Do not try new baked goods at this time

On your bathroom mirror, or wherever you’ll see it first thing in the morning, write down why you’re working so hard. This will motivate you from the moment you wake up and set the perspective for the day.

Got your own tips for managing a million things and staying cool while you do it? Tell us about them in the comments.