• Chara Celik

Why are 1-Minute Videos the Future of Marketing?

Attention spans have been getting shorter while the data pool has been getting deeper on the internet. 300 hours or video are being uploaded to Youtube every minute! The average business is uploading 18 videos online every month... So how do you not get lost in that crazy pool of videos?

By telling more with less.

Consumers love watching 1-minute videos, they can't wait 6 seconds to click "skip ad" on Youtube, but they take a minute to watch the 'fancy', audience directed advertisement videos on Instagram.

If you don't want your content to get lost in an ocean, you have to plan better and tell your audience more about your business, product, event or any other kind of subject really... Marketing is definitely a way of art and to thrive, businesses have to trust quality content creators to make sure they get in touch with the right audiences.

Instagram has been on to this for a while it seems like...

Did you know that 56% of all the video content uploaded last year has been under 2 minutes? As content creators figure out that consumers want to watch shorter videos, they are creating shorter, faster content.

Celik Creative team has been on to this for a while too. This is why we love focusing on 1-minute videos for our clients. This is a form of art for us. Telling many with less scenes...

Whether our clients need us to carry on a full production with a solid and experienced team or need us to edit a simple corporate video, we are here to help.

Contact Us now to ask how we could tell your story in under a minute video and get real results.

Here is a 1<minute video we produced on South Beach, Miami, for one of our clients:

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