• Chara Celik

Why Should You Create a Behind The Scenes Video for Your Next Photoshoot in Miami?

According to Cisco, by 2021, video content will be responsible for 80% of the whole World's internet traffic. Incredible amounts of video content is being uploaded to the internet continuously. To be more specific; 400 minutes of video is being uploaded only to Youtube each minute and businesses upload an average of 18 videos online each month. So, more and more businesses are picking up on the importance on constantly creating high quality video content.

Brands from all industries come to our gorgeous city to create stunning media of their products. This is exactly why Miami is host to countless, really talented photographers. There are 10s of photoshoots taking place all over Miami on a daily basis.

Some brands spare huge budgets to do photoshoots for their product because this is what has been working for many years. But, when it comes to video production, they are not sure what value the video content will bring for them. Gorgeous product photography is really important to make your products stand out from the crowd. But, viewers get to connect to the products and the brand on a more emotional level when they watch video content and products being used in action, instead of professionally photoshopped photos.

Here is a promo video we produced from Behind the Scenes footage of a photoshoot with JSlidesNYC in Wynwood, Miami:

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